White Sox Throw at Adam Dunn’s Head During Batting Practice

The Chicago White Sox attempted to rid themselves of Adam Dunn by repeatedly throwing at his head during pregame batting practice last night.

Dunn is hitting .165 and is on pace to have the worst average by a player qualifying for the batting title since 1909. For that reason, the designated hitter saw five fastballs right at his head when he stepped in for some pregame swings.

Unfortunately for the White Sox, Dunn was not struck in the face by any of the pitches. So they pulled their coach who throws batting practice and brought in fireballing reliever Sergio Santos, who was given a 100-pitch limit to injure Dunn and knock him out for the season or — if lucky — end his career.

"We've been trying to build up Sergio's arm strength for weeks to get ready for this day," said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. "Is it good for a reliever to throw that many pitches? No. But if taking Adam out means we lose a reliever, too, I am okay with that. He's killed our whole team, what's one more player?"

But despite Santos' efforts, and with the entire team cheering him on, as well as a stadium full of fans, Dunn was not felled by any of the fastballs at his head.

"They looked like pretty good pitches to me, so I swung at all of them," said Dunn. "He was trying to hit me in the head? Really? Huh. Well, I guess my pitch recognition has been a little off lately."

Uninjured, Dunn proceeded to go 0-for-5 with four strikeouts in the game.

Guillen said the White Sox will have regular batting practice for tonight's games, only Dunn will be thrown grenades.