Transcript of Mike Krzyzewski’s Illegal Call with a Recruit

Duke may be guilty of an NCAA rules violation after head coach Mike Krzyzewski took a call from a recruit, Alex Poythress, while Poythress was traveling to play in tournaments. Here is a transcript of that call.52965248ebe048bdf3c4c5d0424d8ade

[[[chat]]]Krzyzewski: Hello! This is Coach K's phone.
Poythress: Hi. Coach Krzyzewski? This is Alex Poythress.
Krzyzewski: Uhhh … sure. This is Coach Krzyzewski. How are you, Alex?
Poythress: Good. I'm good. I have some down time between tournaments and thought I'd call and say hi.
Krzyzewski: I'm glad you did, Alex. I'm just here being myself, being Coach Mike Krzyzewski. I am a legend. Everyone respects me.
Poythress: Huh. Yeah, coach.
Krzyzewski: Could you say that for me, Alex? Could you say: "You are Mike Krzyzewski. You are a legend. Everyone respects you."
Poythress: Sure. I guess so. Do you have a cold or something, coach? Your voice sounds different.
Krzyzewski: What? No. I'm me – Mike Krzyzewski and not anyone else. Now say that thing I asked you to say to- … [[[/chat]]]

[There is a scuffle in the background. Someone yells: "Steve! Get off the phone!" And: "Who are you talking to?"]

Krzyzewski: Sorry about that, Alex. That was my assistant, Steve Wojciechowski. He likes to pretend he's me a lot. Well, more than a lot. All the time. He doesn't have much else going for him.
Poythress: Oh. That's alright. I called your phone and I thought something seemed a little strange from the beginning.[[[/chat]]]

Krzyzewski: You know what wouldn't be a little strange, Alex?
Poythress: What's that, Coach K?
Krzyzewski: If you said the following to me: "You are Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. You are a legend. Everyone respects you and no one thinks you're just a useless leech who can't get a job elsewhere like Chris Collins."
Poythress: This is Chris Collins I'm talking to now, isn't it?
Krzyzewski: [silence]
Poythress: Isn't it, Chris?
Krzyzewski: Dammit. Let me go get Coach Krzyzewski for you. Please don't tell him I was pretending to be him again.

[In the background: "Coach K, the phone is for you." And: "I thought I told you guys to stop answering my phone. Steve, knock it off! Stop smelling my hair!"]

Krzyzewski: Hello. This is Coach Krzyzewski.
Poythress: Yeah, this sounds like you this time.
Krzyzewski: Who is this?
Poythress: This is Alex Poythress from Clarksville, Tennessee.
Krzyzewski: I don't think I can talk to you right now, son. It might be an NCAA violation. I need to get off the phone.
Poythress: Oh. Sorry, coach.
Krzyzewski: No problem. It wasn't intentional.
Poythress: Coach? One more thing before you go?
Krzyzewski: Yes, Alex?
Poythress: Did you visit my house last week?
Krzyzewski: No, I did not.
Poythress: Yeah, I thought you looked a lot more black in person than you do on TV. Well, tell Nate James I said.
Krzyzewski: Will do, Alex.