The Matchup: NFL Draft vs. Your Fantasy Draft



NFL Draft: Radio City Music Hall

Your Fantasy Draft: Bobby's basement aka "The Mancave" (He just installed a bar, too. Thing's got Miller High Life on tap, friggin' sweet.)

Who's invited?

NFL Draft: The top players from the year's draft class

Your Fantasy Draft: Carl's girlfriend, but only if she brings that killer guac dip she made for the new year's eve party

Looming labor conflict

NFL Draft: The Collective bargaining agreement between Owners and Player's Union

Your Fantasy Draft: "Mike's gonna be late 'cause he couldn't get someone to take his shift at Applebee's."

Will Tim Tebow be drafted?

NFL Draft: Yes, unfortunately.

Your Fantasy Draft: Yes, ironically.

Who's The Commissioner?

NFL Draft: The guy who followed Paul Tagliabue

Your Fantasy Draft: The guy who followed Paul Tagliabue all the way to the parking lot once after a Pats game, but realized it wasn't him when he got really close.

What Is The "War Room"?

NFL Draft: A private room in the back of Radio City, where team personnel pores over up-to-the-minute player information courtesy of a nationwide network of scouts and analysts

Your Fantasy Draft: Any open seat on the couch, where one guy underlines the players he's heard of in the fantasy magazine he bought at CVS on the way here


NFL Draft: Mel Kiper and Todd McShay

Your Fantasy Draft: "Fuckin' Mel Kiper and Todd McShay over here"

Jets Fan's Biggest Question in 2005

NFL Draft: "Why did we draft Mike Nugent in the second round?"

Your Fantasy Draft: "Is the third round too early to draft Mike Nugent?"

Who is Mr. Irrelevant?

NFL Draft: The last pick in the draft

Your Fantasy Draft: Everyone there.