Prince Fielder Wanders into Campsite

Campground authorities assured the public there was nothing to worry about after reports that Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder had stumbled upon a campsite in Copper Falls State Park in northern Wisconsin and attacked two boys early Thursday morning.

"The boys are just a little shaken up," said Sgt. Nick Patouhas of the Wisconsin State Park Police. "Thankfully, no one got injured. He wasn't after the campers, he just wanted their food."

According to police, Fielder wandered into the campsite around dawn on Thursday, apparently attracted by the scent of the campers' container full of snacks.

"The boys did the right thing," said Patouhas, speaking of their use of a "Fielder Hang," the well-known camping technique of storing food in a sealed container elevated 10-feet off the ground, out of reach for most animals. "Unfortunately, it seems like he's caught on to how it works, as it seems he was able to knock it down with some sort of bat and get to the food inside."

This isn't the first time the 275-pound first baseman has assaulted camp-goers. In 2008 many campgrounds were forced to change their food storage rules to prohibit the use of plastic coolers, after it was discovered that Fielder could easily claw or bite open the cooler to get to the food inside.

"He's a smart one," said a clearly exasperated Patouhas. "We try to keep one step ahead of him when it comes to properly storing and disposing of food, but I'm not sure what the next step is. It seems if there's food anywhere in the area, Prince Fielder will find a way to get to it."

Copper Falls officials have also set a number of Prince Fielder traps around the park, baiting them with delicious pastries and large free agent contract offers.