Kim Kardashian Delays Honeymoon to Go on a Date with Mark Sanchez

Newlywed Kim Kardashian-Humphries has delayed her honeymoon with her husband, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries, in order to try to strike up a romance with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

"Life is about always improving yourself, and I will never stop trying to improve my Q-rating," said Kardashian. "Mark Sanchez is much more famous than my guy is and I need to pursue this. If it doesn't work out, and if someone like Santonio Holmes or Darrelle Revis isn't available, I'll meet my husband Kevin somewhere for a honeymoon."

After jumping from relationship to relationship with various athletes, including well-known NFL players Reggie Bush and Miles Austin in the past, Kardashian admits she settled for an obscure NBA role player who lives in Newark.

"For as long as I can remember, my dream has been to marry an NFL star who plays for a top-notch team," said Kardashian. "But I'm almost 31 years-old and I've been cycling through these guys fast without a ring. I'm 10 years older than most of the girls I'm competing with, so I needed to lock something in before it was too late."

But now that Kardashian has an athlete in the bank, she's taking the opportunity to trade up.

"I have feelings for Keith, but Mark would be a significant upgrade," said Kardashian. "He's richer, younger and more famous. That's true love for me. And 'Kardchez' is a much better couple name than 'Humpdashian.'"

Humphries says he is okay with his wife playing the field.

"Look, I did much better here than I ever imagined," he said. "My coaches often forget my name, and all of a sudden I'm making money on a wedding and all over E!? I'll take it. And Mark is a handsome guy. If Kim wants me to hold the camera while they f—k, I'm happy to."

Sanchez says he is excited for his date.

"I've got a supermodel for dinner at 6 and an actress for drinks at 8, so I'll try to fit Kim in around 10," said Sanchez. "I'll probably be a little chafed by the time we get going, but I'll do my best."

Kardashian vows she will not ask Sanchez to marry her until after they have sex in the back of the limo in which Humphries will drive them around town.

"I'm just an old-fashioned girl that way," she said.