Jay Cutler Breaks Up with His Center After Bad Snap

Mike Martz, Jay Cutler
Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler severed all ties with Bears center Chris Spencer today after a fumbled snap while practicing goal line plays at training camp.

After the ball fell to the ground between them, Cutler ripped his helmet off, walked off the field and was heard yelling at head coach Lovie Smith: "Get him out of my sight! I can't ever be on a field with him again! Ever!" He then stormed into the locker room, where sources say he had "a good cry."

Spencer was confused by Cutler's reaction, insisting the snap had been clean but that the quarterback had pulled away too fast.

"Oh, of course that's what he would say," said Cutler. "He's always blaming me. Well, I've had enough. These little things have been adding up and I can't take it anymore. We're over. There's no way I'm spending my whole career with him."

Smith and offensive coordinator Mike Martz hope the flare-up is just another example of Cutler being temperamental, especially because they have no other option at center with Olin Kreutz no longer on the team.

"Without going into too much detail, let's just say this isn't the first time Jay has used something little as an excuse to get out of playing football," said Smith. "I'm sure — well, I hope — he'll come around and be back out here in a few days or weeks."

But Cutler insists he is done with Spencer.

"I guess I cared about him before, but I don't anymore," said the quarterback. "And tell him to keep the other half of our broken hearts charm necklace. I don't want it back."

"Whoa, whoa," said Spencer. "We didn't have any charm necklaces. I want to quiet that talk right away."