Internal Team Slogans for All 30 MLB Teams

AL East

Boston Red Sox: "Just doing our best to keep up with the big-spending Yankees."

New York Yankees: "Just doing our best to keep up with the big-spending Red Sox."

Toronto Blue Jays: "They already got rid of Montreal. We're next."

Baltimore Orioles: "C'mon fans, Cal Ripken attended 2,632 consecutive games and you can't even do 1?"

Tampa Bay Rays: "Why have a roof on a stadium in a city with great weather? Because we can!"

AL Central

Chicago White Sox: "Loudest manager = best manager."

Cleveland Indians: "Maybe people will notice us when they stop hating Lebron so much."

Kansas City Royals: "Is this actually still a baseball team?"

Minnesota Twins: "We remember every one of Joe Mauer's home runs."

Detroit Tigers: "First place in the worst division is still first place."

AL West

L.A. Angels of Anaheim: "L.A.'s only solvent baseball team."

Oakland Athletics: "All of the steroids and none of the records."

Texas Rangers: "Where are the end zones and why are the referees wearing blue?"

Seattle Mariners: "Ruining Ichiro's legacy since 2001."