From a Coach: Issue #2

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Instead of having the team yell "team!" in the huddle like most coaches do, my 8th grade soccer coach would have us yell "bitches and hoes!".

– Ken

In high school our Ivan Drago look-a-like varsity baseball coach hated losing. We always played double-headers and this particular day we lost the first game to the worst team in the conference.

After the game he rushed us out to left field for our big pep talk which went something like this: "I hate f—king losing! I can't stand it! When I play my 4 year-old nephew in basketball, I'm like goddamn Shaq on his ass! I don't ever let him score on me, I block his shots all over the driveway, because I f—king can't stand losing!"

We didn't know whether to laugh, or take him serious; but our assistant coach literally fell over laughing behind him after hearing his ridiculous story, so we figured it was okay to laugh about. We then proceeded to go out and lose the second game, as well.

– Jordan

So our Varsity Basketball program underwent a coaching change this following season, and the new coach wasn't exactly the encouraging type. One of our big guys did and up/under reverse layup while we were warming up, and coach stopped practice to tell him the following: "Don't do that again. You ARE NOT athletic." He wasn't joking either.

– Zaccheus

Our high school football team was having a particularly rough practice during two-a-days. The coach stopped in the middle of conditioning, made us take a knee, and started to talk about how important it was to practice hard so we wouldn't be so tired in the fourth quarter. Out of nowhere he starts screaming at the team about us not wanting to be there but we needed to suck it up. He finished with "You f—ks think I want to be here either? I'd rather be at home banging my wife but I'm stuck here with you losers."

We were all disappointed when he was fired after the season.

– Scott

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