Tony Romo Annoyed Lockout Resolution Will Ruin All His Sunday Tee Times

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has expressed displeasure that the NFL lockout may be coming to an end, meaning the 2011 football season will be played as scheduled.

"I started making plans for a fall away from football," said Romo. "I had trips to Myrtle Beach planned, Pebble Beach, I was even playing to play St. Andrews. Now all of that is ruined."

Romo missed much of last season due to injury and has been away from football activities for almost a year, a period he has used to really work on his short game.

"I remember right when I went down, I knew it was serious enough that I wasn't going to be able to play football for the rest of the season, but not so serious that I'd have to stop playing golf," he said. "It was the best moment of my career."

The quarterback said he would have spent more time around the Cowboys facility, but "the new Cowboy Stadium turf is nice. However, the scoreboard is so low it's hard to hit wedges. I wish they would have consulted me about that."

Despite the lockout ending, Romo says he always looks on the positive side of things.

"Without football, I wouldn't have enough money to be a member at several exclusive country clubs," he said. "Plus, my Myrtle Beach trip is for the week of the Super Bowl, so I'm sure I'll still be able to do that."