The Gym: Issue #18

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Was on the elliptical the other day and a regular old dude was on the mats, which are placed in front of ellipticals/treadmills/etc. This guy was wearing some very short shorts. He had positioned his body, feet pointing towards everyone else at the gym. At first he's stretching and its all mildly acceptable.

What happened next, I have still yet to shake from my mind. One minute straight of ferocious pelvic thrusts. I'd look down, look back up and he was still furiously going at it. I did this move (look away and back to see if he was done) about 5 times and nearly threw up.

I took the day off the next day. Haunting.

– Greg

A guy near me at the gym yesterday was listening to music on his iPhone. Or at least I thought he was listening to music. I realized he kept looking at the screen between sets. He was watching "Toy Story 3." Nothing like the adventures of Woody and Buzz to get you motivated to work on your pecs!

– Marissa

I was at the gym at my college, and there were two guys working out on the bench next to me. On their last set, the guy benching was getting tired, and the spotter was helping him through his last reps. On the last rep he said: "Push it out…Everything you got! Everything you got!" Just like the guy from "I Love You, Man". It was hilarious. The only problem was the lifter burst out laughing and nearly dropped the bar on himself, and the spotter barely got the bar up.

– John

I work part-time at a gym in Austin, Tex. We have a suggestion box where members can put in scraps of paper with ideas/requests/suggestions. The other day it was my job to go through the month's batch. One of the submissions was: "Please make having body odor a reason to refuse a membership application. Smell them when they sign up if you have to. I don't care. But I can't take it anymore."

– Paul

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