The Game: Issue #14

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I went to a Bowie BaySox (minor league) baseball game a couple summers ago with my roommates. We got to the game about a half-inning late and sat two rows back on the third base line and the third baseman for the other team was having a rough day. He had one ball go through his legs and another one he threw into the stands. And he bobbled another one. So my friend started heckling him a little bit. Then to ourselves, we started making fun of his hair because it looked like a mullet and wondered if he had misplayed some grounders into his face. It was kind of mean-spirited, but nothing major.

A few minutes later a woman a few seats over in the front row passes a note up to my buddy. It read: "That player's mom is sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! SHHHHH!" Ooops. I made sure to loudly state a few times later in the game that the player "definitely looks like a future major leaguer." But I still felt like a dick.

– Tyler

A couple weeks ago, two of my friends and I went up north for the Phillies/Jays series.

We're Phillies fans, but for the most part, the Toronto fans didn't get on our case too much — except for this one guy with his buddies.

He saw us wearing our red and rather passive-aggressively tried to get a rise out of us. When he saw that it wasn't working, he ramped it up a notch and kept it up before my friend Denise turned to him and said, "You know I'm ignoring you because you're wearing a Cowboys hat, right?"

The silence was deafening as he slunk away.

– Damien

I was at the Tiger game this weekend and guy and his wife in my row had their little baby with them. One inning I looked over and the wife had the baby on her lap and was changing its diaper. Kind of gross to see unexpectedly at a baseball game, but whatever.

As she's finishing up, a guy walking past in the row above her bumps her arm and a little ball of poop flew out of the diaper and landed on the shoulder of the guy in front of her. She saw that I saw what happened, grabbed one of her napkins and quickly grabbed the poo ball off the dude in front of her. He felt that and looked back and she said: "There was a bug on you." Then she looked at me, shrugged and laughed.

– Andy

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