The Game: Issue #13

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A few weeks ago, me and three friends went to Target Field for the Twins vs. Brewers series. We each paid 120 bucks for two games and a hotel. One of my friends spent the entire weekend sitting at the Tavern in left field because he drinks mixed drinks and watched BOTH GAMES on TV instead of our seats.

– Joseph

I was at an LPGA event a few years ago. (My company was a sponsor and had free tickets.) This mannish looking player came through where I was sitting and after she teed off, this one drunk guy near me yelled: "YOU DA MAN! YOU ARE THE MAN!" It was amazingly rude. But I still laughed.

– Don

Yankees-Reds series. We were sitting near this absolute Yankees die hard douche during the game. The guy actually brought a lineup card and kept track of the player's stats during the game. We'd see him do it every half inning. It was ridiculous.

During almost every at bat during the game, the guy chanted, "Let's go Yankees!" with claps in between chants. He was literally the only guy in the stadium doing it, but he wouldn't shut up. We got pretty ticked off. Me and a friend of mine started a whole bunch of "Lets go Redlegs!" chants whenever this guy was yelling. A bunch of other pissed off fans did it with us, but this guy was too loud and too stubborn to shut up. Eventually, we started a "Let's go Boston!" chant (yes, at a Reds-Yankees game) just to tick the guy off. Other laughing fans joined in. It was loud enough to make the Yankees fan give up. The guy gave us a cold stare, said we "crossed the line," and stayed quiet for most of the rest of the game, writing in his stats. Score one for the good guys.

– Mackenzie

My sister had to work last weekend so I took my nephew to his tee ball game. On the way home, I congratulated him on the hit he had. He said, "Yeah, I just went up there and f—ked shit up." I asked where he heard those words. He said his friend Aaron says "It's time to f—k shit up" before every at-bat. Mind you, these kids are 7.

– Shannon

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