The 10 Worst Trades in World History

#5 – Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi

The Details: In 1971, the New York Mets traded 24 year-old Nolan Ryan and three other players — Frank Estrada, Don Rose, and Leroy Stanton — to the California Angels for shortstop Jim Fregosi. Ryan finished his career with 5,714 strikeouts and is in the Hall of Fame. Fregosi is not.

On The Other Hand: If you take Ryan out of the deal, the Mets probably won the trade.

#4 – Dirk Nowitzki for Robert "Tractor" Traylor

The Details: In 1998 the Milwaukee Bucks and Dallas Mavericks agreed to swap draft picks, sending Michigan power forward Traylor to Milwaukee and Nowitzki to Dallas. Traylor averaged 4.8 PPG over six NBA seasons while Nowitzki was one of the best big man of his era and won the 2011 NBA title.

On the Other Hand: Tractor Traylor is kind of an awesome nickname, and it's definitely way better than The Dunking Deutschman.

#3 – The bad guy making demands in every action movie

The Details: The bad guy just wants a plane full of fuel and $100 million in untraceable bills. And he'll get it. But little does he know there's an action hero hiding in the plane who's ready to kick his ass.

On the Other Hand: Movies aren't real. I think.

#2 – Babe Ruth for cash

The Details: In 1919, the Red Sox traded P/OF Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $100,000. Red Sox owner Harry Frazee used that money to finance a forgettable Broadway musical. The Yankees used Babe Ruth to become the most successful franchise in sports history.


On the Other Hand: Ruth had an 89-46 record and a 2.19 ERA for the Red Sox, while he only won 5 games and had a 5.51 ERA during his Yankees career. What a steal by Boston!

#1 – Manhattan for nutmeg

The Details: It's 1667. The Dutch aren't too impressed with the narrow, swampy stretch of land at the mouth of the Hudson River, at that time called New Netherland. Plus, they had already lost primary control of it to the English. So they agree to trade it to England once and for all for a tiny Indonesian island rich in nutmeg. Why not? Manhattan for something you sprinkle on egg nog. Seems fair.

On the Other Hand: There's no way the Dutch could have known that Babe Ruth would one day play on Manhattan. How were they to know the Red Sox would be so incompetent?