The 10 Worst Losses in USA Sports History


#10 – U.S. Women in the 2011 World Cup Final

Why it was bad: The U.S. was a heavy favorite against Japan and twice had a lead late in the match before giving up an equalizer each time. Then, in penalty kicks, the U.S. could only convert one of four attempts and lost.

Why it was really bad: America, and the world, lost out on the chance to see how this kid would celebrate a World Cup title:

#9 – U.S. Men in the 1994 World Cup


Why it was bad: Despite being poorly-regarded in the soccer world, the U.S. made it through group play with a respectable 1-1-1 mark on its home soil. Then in the first round of knockout play, they faced mighty Brazil. Only a goal by Bebeto 72 minutes into the match defeated the U.S. National Team.

Brazil went on to win the World Cup.

Why it was really bad: With the whole world watching, the U.S. team willingly dressed like this. Perhaps no action in history has been more detrimental to the country's image internationally than those horrific kits.

It was almost like the U.S. dressed in the ugliest outfits they could find in order to disrespect the world's game.

#8 – U.S. Hockey at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Why it was bad: With a chance to beat Canada at its national sport in Canada at the Olympics in the gold medal game, the U.S. stormed back from a 2-0 deficit to tie the game with 25 seconds remaining. But then 7:40 into overtime, Sidney Crosby put one past U.S. goaltender Ryan Miller to win gold for Canada.

Why it was really bad: Had the U.S. won, Vancouver would have succumbed to riots far greater than anything seen after the Canucks' 2011 Stanley Cup loss — riots that likely would have spread across the nation until all of Canada was set ablaze, forever ridding the U.S. of its maple syrupy menace to the North.

#7 – Roy Jones, Jr. at the 1988 Olympics

Why it was bad: Jones didn't lose a single round on his way to the finals. In the gold medal match, he dominated all three rounds and landed 86 punches to his opponent's 32. Yet, somehow, the judges gave Jones the silver medal. The result was so bad that Jones' opponent apologized after it was announced and all the judges were eventually suspended.

Why it was really bad: The terrible decision by the judges caused Jones to go on and make terrible decisions of his own:

#6 – USA Baseball at the 1992 Olympics

Why it was bad: Baseball was a medal sport for the first time at the 1992 Olympics. It would be the USA's chance to show it was the best in the sport it invented. Unfortunately, the U.S. got pounded 6-1 by Cuba in the semifinals and then even lost the bronze medal game to Japan by a score of 8-3.

Why it was really bad: Jason Giambi hit .296 for the U.S. in the tournament. But he didn't have a single home run. If the U.S. is going to lose at baseball, the team at least should have cared enough to take steroids.