National League All-Stars Vow They’ll Stay Friends Forever Before Departing for the Summer

82nd MLB All-Star Game
"I'm going to miss you guys so much," National League All-Star Lance Berkman told his fellow NL teammates before heading off to the airport following Tuesday night's All-Star Game. "Promise you'll stay in touch!"

After a few hugs and handshakes, Berkman left the locker room, ending what All-Star teammate Carlos Beltran called "probably the best All-Star week ever. I made friends for life."

NL outfielder Matt Holliday credited "cool" manager Bruce Bochy for all the fun everyone had.

"A lot of All-Star managers are really strict with curfews and stuff, but he was all laid back and chill," said Holliday. "He caught us smoking cigarettes one night and was like: 'Dudes, I can pretend I didn't see anything if you put them out right now.' He easily could have written us up and reported us to Selig, but he didn't. Now I won't get in trouble with my parents."

First-time All-Star Andrew McCutchen said he was nervous upon arriving but ended up having the time of his life.

"My favorite part was making s'mores around the campfire," he said. "Some of the guys are so hilarious. I can't wait to come back next summer."

Pitcher Roy Halladay says he had a good time, too, but doubts he'll ever hear from many of his teammates until next All-Star Game.

"I've been coming here since I was young," said Halladay. "Everyone always says they'll keep in touch, but it never happens. You get back home, get back with your regular friends and you kind of forget about these guys. Plus, after a few days away, you realize some of the guys were annoying or liars. For example, I really doubt Brian Wilson's claim that he has a really hot girlfriend who lives in Canada."