MLB to Expand Instant Replay to Cover HRs and "Especially Shitty Calls"

In the face of growing umpire incompetence, baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced today that Major League Baseball will expand its instant replay format that currently only allows a review on questionable home runs.

"It is not our desire to have games interrupted by constant video reviews like we see in other sports," said Selig. "However, there is some space to allow for the review of especially shitty calls, and that's what baseball will do from now on."

Selig did not give specifics on what is an "especially shitty call," but insisted that no specifics are needed.

"It's obvious," said Selig. "I mean, you see a play and if everyone goes: 'What the f—k? What was that asshole looking at?' That would be the kind of play that gets reviewed."

Similar to how the NHL has an official in Toronto take a look at all of its reviewed goals, Selig says baseball will have someone in its league office watch each day's games live for calls that need to be reviewed. After an especially terrible call is made, the official will call the stadium and tell the ump to overturn the call and will also be given the option of yelling at the umpire on the stadium Jumbotron.

"We still haven't hired the person, but we know the title will be Director of You Gotta Be Shittin' Me Ump Review," said Selig.