HR Derby Contestant to Attempt to Hit a Baseball Over a Car

Home Run Derby Baseball
Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder says he hopes to bring an excitement to the All-Star Home Run Derby that has never been seen before.

"People don't talk about the Derby like they do the NBA Slam Dunk Contest," said Fielder. "But all that is about to change."

In recent days, Fielder has taken early batting practice before games and has been launching balls over a bullpen golf cart, intent on at least duplicating Blake Griffin's dunk over a Kia.

"For the contest, I'm going to try to hit one over a car," says Fielder. "And not just any car. I think I'll have enough adrenaline going to clear a mid-sized sedan. Who knows. I might even try a van."

Despite being a 7-year veteran, Fielder is just 27 years-old and his youthful, marketable approach to the HR Derby is just the shot in the arm that the often staid sport of baseball needs to appeal to a younger audience.

Commissioner Bud Selig supports Fielder's car home run attempt, but insists baseball has been ahead of the promotional curve for years.

"NBA players use all these props now to dunk," said Selig. "Well, baseball has done that for years. I clearly remember Tom Brunansky using batting gloves at the first Derby in 1985."

Even if Fielder successfully clears a car, it might not be enough to trump the gimmicky drama of the 2010 Derby, when David Ortiz won without using a ton of steroids, or the 2008 Derby which was won by Justin Morneau, a Canadian.