Hot Dog-Eating Champion Joey Chestnut Clogs His Toilet a Record 27 Times

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut won his 5th consecutive Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th at Coney Island in Brooklyn. And while the 62 hot dogs he consumed were not a record, hours after the event ended he set a world record for clogging his toilet 27 times in just 10 minutes.

"The eating competitions are exciting and they're what the sport of competitive eating is known for. It's what the public sees," said a sweaty Chestnut, minutes after clogging his toilet for the last time. "But only those on the inside know that the real excitement comes after the competitions in the competitive eaters' bathrooms."

With his girlfriend cheering him on and his hotel's maintenance man serving as a witness, Chestnut began clogging his toilet just minutes after arriving back at his midtown Manhattan hotel following the competition.

"It's all about timing and strategy," said Chestnut. "Start too soon and all of that hot dog meat hasn't hit your colon yet. Start too late and … well, you've got quite a mess on your hands."

Chestnut says he knew he would have a shot at the toilet clogging record right at the start.

"The first log came out thick, wide and dense and dropped right over the hole in the toilet," he said. "I knew it was a clogger. So I flushed and, sure enough, brown poop water came right up to the rim of the toilet. A perfect clogging."

Chestnut kept on like that as his digestive system worked through pound after pound of processed scrap meat. Only during the last three cloggings did he experience any sort of difficulty.

"By then my bowels were pretty much evacuated," he said. "So what was left was all about aim. Plus, I had pretty much ruined the toilet at that point, too. The janitor guy had broken three plungers."

Chestnut says he hopes his digestive feats can motivate people.

"If I can eat a lot of hot dogs, which then cause me to repeatedly clog up a toilet, I imagine other people can do stuff, too," he said. "Like something burp-related. Or who knows — maybe even something valuable to the world. Powering a windmill by farts from eating pizza, for example."