Hipster Closer Enters Game to Song Off New Fleet Foxes Album

Eschewing more hard-rock, fist-pumping songs like "Enter The Sandman" or "Hell's Bells", Boston Rox closer and self-proclaimed "Pitchforkite" Brian Carlin entered the 9th inning of last night's game to "Helplessness Blues", the title track off the second, full-length album from Seattle's Fleet Foxes.

"I don't have anything against arena rock, per se", said the right-hander during the post game press conference, between sips of Naked Juice, "It's just that for me, the most exciting songs are the ones that feature 4-part harmonies and lyrical introspection. When a band matures sonically the way Fleet Foxes has, and builds upon their previous album instead of reverting back to its safer, more familiar sounds, nothing gets my adrenaline flowing like that."

Added Carlin, "I mean, it's like, you hear one AC/DC song, you've heard 'em all, you know?"

After Rox starter Mike Hardwick put 2 men on the start the 9th, manager Steve Motta signaled for his closer. Seconds later, fans were brought to their feet to the now-familiar faint strum of lead singer Robin Pecknold's acoustic guitar, and a stone-faced Carlin strolled confidently onto the field to Pecknold crooning, "I was raised up believing / I was somehow unique."

The right-hander proceeded to give up 7 runs before being pulled, later attributing his dead arm to throwing too many pitches in an effort to hear the song's second half, which he described as "a complete change in direction to a more full-bodied sound. And by the way this is mid-song we're talking here. Not mid-album, mid-song."

Following the game the Rox announced that they had released Carlin.The 24 year-old took it in stride, saying he'd prefer to be playing in an Independent League, where he felt he would be given more freedom to experiment with a forkball he's been working on.

When asked if Carlin's mustache was a tribute to fellow closer Rollie Fingers, Carlin said it was a tribute to former CREEM journalist Lester Bangs. Though he wasn't sure exactly who Rollie Fingers is, Carlin did agree that Rollie Fingers would, "be an awesome band name."