Grounds Crew Annoyed That Players Left It All on the Field

Grounds crew members at the Frankfurt stadium where the women's World Cup Final was held are furious and continue to clean up around the clock after players from both sides left it all on the field.

"We don't even know where to start with the clean up," said Commerzbank Arena grounds chief Christian Schroder. "It's all been left out here. Everything. You name it, it's on the field. Heart, guts, intangibles. The field is pretty much ruined."

Among other items, Commerzbank maintenance staff have found a sports bra, an ATM card, a toaster, large animal feces, a pair of reading glasses, a dead owl, original Star Wars action figures and a human baby.

"They left so much out on the field that I think they must have gone back into the locker room specifically to get things to leave out there," said Schroder. "It's kind of rude, actually. I understand the stakes of the match, but why leave a baby out there? It's very irresponsible. I'm just glad the child was unharmed and healthy."

World Cup and Commerzbank officials say they will allow Japanese and American players to return to the stadium on Thursday between Noon and 3:00 p.m. to retrieve anything they left out on the pitch.

"I suspect to see a few of them show up," said Schroder. "I imagine by now someone is missing a baby. But I've kept a few of the things that were left out there, too. For example, coming across an iPod just a week after I lost mine was pretty serendipitous."