Andrew Bynum Parks on a Handicapped Person

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum continued to show questionable judgment today when he pulled his BMW on top of a handicapped person before heading into a supermarket to grab a drink.

"I don't like using my parking brake because I don't want to wear it out, so I figured having this dude wedged under my tires would keep the car from rolling," said Bynum. "It was only for a couple minutes. I just wanted to get a Snapple."

Edna Sanchez, the elderly, wheelchair-bound woman that Bynum parked on, said she was wheeling through an empty handicap spot in order to get to her car, which was parked one spot over.

"Next thing I know, a car speeds up, slams on the brakes, backs up, points right at me, revs it's engine for a few seconds and then almost jumps right on top of me," Sanchez told an NBC-4 reporter while still under Bynum's car. "It was pretty upsetting. But then after he stepped on my face getting out of the car, I saw it was Bynum who parked on me. So I yelled: 'Go Lakers!'"

After returning to his car, Bynum offered to give the old woman an autograph after backing over her to get out of his spot. He signed a broken bone that was poking through her house dress.

Bynum has so far refused to apologize for the incident and says people need to get over it.

"There are a lot more important things in the world than me parking on a handicapped person," he said. "Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. It's no big deal. I have done this plenty of times before."