5 Famous Sports Movie Characters: Where Are They Now?



Ivan Drago — "Rocky IV"

Drago sadly passed away in 2003 due to brain tumors brought on by years of using steroids. Until the time of his passing, he lived in the same nondescript Moscow apartment building as the singing "Trolololo" guy of Internet meme fame. His small tombstone reads:

Ivan Drago (1963-2003)

boxer who disgraced the Motherland

"If he dies, he dies."


"Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn — "Major League"

Vaughn smartly capitalized on his sudden fame in light of the Indians' success by doing countless interviews and printing up and selling t-shirts with his various catchphrases on the front. For a period of time, he was the biggest star in all of America.

However, the public quickly tired of his shtick, realizing he is a massive douchebag, and he faded from the spotlight as fast as he entered it. Today he is essentially a pathetic, unemployed guy with an inordinate amount of Twitter followers.


Louden Swain — "Vision Quest"

While Swain's awkward advances and attempted rape may have won over Carla in the movie, such actions did not serve him well later in life. He has been incarcerated in state prison since 1990 due to a string of attempted rapes.

The wrestling moves he practiced so hard to develop have served him well as an inmate, however, as he has successfully fought off most other prisoners when they attempt to rape him.

"Whether it's beating Shute or not being penetrated in the shower, my focus and determination has never waned," says Swain.


Coach Gary Gaines — "Friday Night Lights"

Coach Gaines parlayed his success as head coach of the Permian Panthers into an assistant coaching position with a BCS school. He then climbed the ranks there and became head coach, leading his team to six conference titles and two national titles in the 1990s.

Scandal soon hit his program, however, and it was learned that Gaines had let his players have contact with boosters, car dealers and tattoo parlors. He was forced to resign in 2004 after a recruit recorded him using the line: "Clear eyes, full wallets, can't lose." After a few years away from the sport, Gaines now works as a college football TV analyst.


Buddy — "Air Bud"

The U.S. government seized Buddy to study his remarkable abilities and conduct tests on him, many of which were quite painful. Buddy escaped from the research facility last spring, but was sadly struck and killed by an ice cream truck while fleeing across a highway.