Vancouver Mayor: "We now believe the rioters were visiting Philadelphia fans"

Vancouver's mayor attempted to shift the negative worldwide attention his city has received in the wake of the riots following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals by blaming Philadelphia fans he claims were visiting with plans to cause trouble.

"I think we all know how Philadelphia fans are, with the booing Santa Claus and what not," said Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson. "Whereas we Canadians have a reputation for being very laid back and peaceful. So, obviously, the evidence could not be more clear: Philadelphia fans came to our fair city and tore it apart."

While almost every image and video of the riot shows people in Vancouver Canucks jerseys, t-shirt and hats — and no one sporting Flyers apparel or that of any other Philadelphia team — Mayor Robertson said there is a very simple explanation for that.

"At the Vancouver airport there are many shops that sell Canucks stuff," he said. "So it's clear that they flew in from Philadelphia — there is a direct flight to Vancouver from there, I checked — walked through the airport, purchased Canucks gear and then proceeded to the downtown to riot."

With the case "now solved," according to Robertson, the mayor has requested that people again associate his city with being peaceful and picturesque.

"Basically, think of it as the complete opposite of that hell hole of Philadelphia," he said.

However, John Blakey, the president of the Philadelphia Flyers Fan Club, denies that Philadelphia fans had anything to do with the riots.

"We Philadelphia fans are always being targeted unfairly," said Blakey. "I wanted to be there, and I feel I was there in spirit, but no Philadelphia fans to my knowledge were actually in Vancouver. The Vancouver mayor is making up a desperate lie in hopes of saving the image of his city. I have half a mind to set a car on fire over this injustice. And are you still recording? Yes? Okay. Sidney Crosby is a f—king pussy."