The Gym: Issue #16

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So I'm in the locker room after a workout and that cheesy Just For Men commercial where the last gray-haired man on earth disappears. Without missing a beat after they say the "last gray-haired man on earth disappears" line, this old naked guy looks up at the TV and says: "I'm still f—king here you, jackasses." I laughed so hard it hurt.

– Zack

I usually go to the gym with my roommate, but he was out of town last week so I went by myself and worked in with this one guy. He seemed pretty cool and we got to talking about workouts. He said he rotates through three workouts: Day 1 is upper body, Day 2 is lower body and Day 3 is what he called "my FMs". At first I felt stupid not knowing what "FMs" are, but he kept referring to it so I finally asked.

He said: "Oh, FMs are your F**k Muscles — abs, lower back, hips and ass. For the ladies, you know?" I finished up my workout after that.

– Chris

I went into the gym on a Sunday afternoon. There are some flatscreen TVs spread along the wall every six feet or so. The one closest to me had ESPN on and it was bowling. There was a guy near it doing preacher curls and I asked him if he minded if I changed the channel.

He said: "No goddam way, man!"

I laughed, because bowling was on, so I grabbed the remote to change it.

And he goes: "I'M NOT JOKING, DUDE! Bowling is on!" So I put the remote back down. Big bowling fan that guy.

– Kyle

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