The Game: Issue #12

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I was at the U.S.A. vs. Mexico title game for the Golf Cup at the Rose Bowl. Even though it was in Los Angeles, I'd bet at least 90-percent of the crowd was cheering for Mexico. If not more. It was kind of intimidating to be there. But I had to laugh at one point when I got up to use the bathroom and a Mexican guy yelled in a really thick accent as I walked up the steps past him: "YEAH, GO BACK TO AMERICA, YOU F—KING GRINGO!"

– Ben

About halfway through our first football game as freshman at Notre Dame, a very intelligent, very male friend of mine turned to his roommates and asked, "Where's the yellow line?"

– Kara

I was at a college lacrosse game where one of the players intercepted a pass at midfield. He made a pass which started a 1-on-2 fast break. The defender and goalie for the other team were trying to beat the other player to the empty net. The goalie was in the shape you'd expect of someone whose main job is to stand in one place and block a 6×6 square. He couldn't keep up at all and wound up falling in his attempt to make a save. During the celebration for the goal someone from the crowd was laughing and yelled out: "I love it when the fat goalie falls over!"

– Ryan

I got tickets to the Reds-Yankees series for my birthday. Before the first game started, I was walking down to get some food when the National Anthem started playing. I took off my hat and stayed in the stands so I could listen to the song.

In the middle of the song, I hear the guy next to me say: "Take off your hat, asshole." I looked at him, quite confused, and realized he wasn't talking to me. The video-board was showing a cop, saluting the flag, while he had his police hat on. Couldn't believe it.

– Mackenzie

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