Ronde Barber: "I have been dealing with depression brought on by being related to Tiki Barber"

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Ronde Barber said he has been struggling with depression lately due to the fact that he looks exactly like Tiki Barber.

"Imagine going through life and every day getting mistaken for a massive douchebag like Tiki Barber, who is my twin brother, unfortunately," said Ronde Barber. "It really starts to wear on you."

Ronde Barber says he often just stays inside all day to prevent the humiliating and enraging cases of mistaken identity.

"Ever since Tiki was outed publicly as an unlikable dick, my life has really gone south," said Ronde. "I am pretty much a hermit now. But staying inside with the blinds drawn is much better than people mistaking you for Tiki Barber."

Despite having a longer and more successful career, Ronde Barber is not as famous as Tiki due to playing in a smaller market and being a defensive player.

"Yes, I should be more famous than him, but I'm not. Life isn't fair," said Ronde. "If life was fair, I'd have a big scar or something on my face so people would know I'm not Tiki. Hey … that's not a bad idea," Ronde added, pulling a large knife out of a kitchen drawer.

Barber said he has sought treatment for his depression but so far has had no success in overcoming it.

"I've had a few appointments with counselors and psychiatrists, but they always kick me out of their office when I walk in because they think I'm Tiki Barber," he said. "Everyone hates that guy, which I totally get. I just wish they didn't accidentally hate me, too."