Ron Artest Files Paperwork to Legally Change His Name to Whoa Hey Lookatme

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest would now like to be known as Whoa Hey Lookatme.

The player's attorney filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday seeking the change. The 31-year-old NBA star was born Ronald William Artest Jr., but has decided he wants a name better suited to his personality.

"My whole life I have been Ron," said the man once known as Ron Artest. "But inside I've always felt like Whoa Hey Lookatme. Or maybe an Everyone Watch This or even Paya Tention Tome. And now I will legally have the name I want," he added while doing cartwheels with a sparkler through Times Square with his pants off.

The Lakers say they have been informed of the change, but have not yet decided if their player's jersey next year will read "Hey Lookatme" or just "Lookatme" on the back. It may not matter, as there are already reports that Artest plans to change his name to Gimme Attention halfway through the season.

Artest, of course, is not the first athlete to change his name. Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson was among the latest to do so when he legally became Chad Ochocinco in 2006.

In order to wrest name-change attention back away from Artest/Lookatme, Ochocinco today reportedly filed paperwork that would legally change his name to the sound of a police siren followed by a fireworks display.