Report: Terrelle Pryor’s Private Jet Not Registered in Ohio

According to authorities in Ohio, star Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor's Gulfstream G650 jet is not registered in the state.

Yet Pryor was seen landing the private, $75 million jet yesterday in the parking lot outside Ohio Stadium. Pryor's flying privileges have been suspended for 90 days because he failed to produce proof of insurance after he landed his jet on a busy, downtown Columbus street in April to get some pizza.

"We are looking into the issue and we will make sure Terrelle gets all of his documentation up to date and is following any and all penalties and suspensions the state has levied against him," said an Ohio State spokesman.

According to sources in Columbus, Pryor has been spotted flying the Gulfstream G650 as well as other top-of-the-line private jets during his three years at Ohio State. Pryor reportedly has never taken a flying lesson.

"Flying lessons? I don't need those. I'm Terrelle Pryor," the quarterback said when contacted about the report. "Plus, I got a parachute."

Pryor has crashed several jets in and around Columbus, once bailing out of the cockpit before it slammed into a daycare center for low-income children and exploded, killing all 60 children inside. But that incident was covered up by Ohio State boosters and head coach Jim Tressel, as it came just days before the Sugar Bowl.

Jack Riggle, who owns a Columbus private jet dealership, says he has loaned Pryor several planes since 2008.

"It's all on the up and up. His jet was in the shop so I helped him out," says Riggle. "It's the same deal I'd do for any customer. I give customers jets and gym bags full of large, unmarked bills all the time."

Pryor's father, Craig Pryor, said in an interview that his son is being unfairly targeted.

"The Gulstream is his," said Craig Pryor. "We bought him a used Toyota Camry before his freshman year and he traded it in for the plane. End of story."