Lebron’s People Seeking to Confiscate All Tapes of the NBA Finals

With reports of his poor play in the NBA Finals spreading across the country and the world, associates of Miami Heat superstar Lebron James are trying to confiscate tapes of the series before they go viral and hurt James' image.

"This was a very private event for Lebron and not meant for public consumption," said Maverick Carter, his closest advisor. "We feel that anyone who has seen tapes of the Finals or watched them live are in violation of our wishes and must cease and desist remembering what they saw immediately or face civil action."

Carter is working with Nike, Coca-Cola and McDonald's — James' three biggest endorsement partners — in a desperate attempt to get rid of all record of the Heat star's play in the Finals, similar to the effort made when there was video of Jordan Crawford dunking on James at a 2009 summer camp. Carter hopes to meet with ABC and NBA officials this week to discuss handing over the tapes.

"They claim they have rights to broadcast the games and license out the footage," said Carter, "but I can assure you that we never would have agreed to anything like that had we known how poorly Lebron was going to play."

Carter says they will be open to re-releasing the footage after they have a chance to edit it.

"We don't mind releasing a Lebron highlights package from the Finals," said Carter. "It would only be two or three minutes long, which is a great length for You Tube. We're just going to need those tapes. And the DVRs of anyone in the world who recorded any of the games. Now. People are saying some really mean stuff about Lebron and that needs to stop."