Atlanta Asks Winnipeg if They’re Interested in Having the Hawks, Too

With the Atlanta Thrashers on their way out of town and headed to Winnipeg, Atlanta city officials have contacted Winnipeg officials to gauge their interest in taking some of their other teams off their hands, as well.

"We have more than just a hockey team we don't want," Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed wrote in a letter to Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz. "The Hawks, for example. We could give a crap about them and they're actually not too bad. You should totally take them. The Thrashers might be lonely without them. What do you say?"

Mayor Reed continued on to also offer up the Braves and Falcons.

"Again, both are pretty good and both are yours if you want them," wrote Reed. "I know you Canadians aren't into baseball too much, but you all made us have hockey teams twice, so it's only fair that you take the Braves for a while. Do you think your people would want to do the Tomahawk Chop? Most people think it's incredibly annoying, but doing it is really the only thing we Atlantans like about professional sports."

While Winnipeg's Mayor Katz expressed appreciation of the offer, he says the city is happy with the Thrashers franchise alone.

"We're not a huge city and we couldn't support four professional teams," he said. "Plus, I just now watched the Tomahawk Chop on YouTube and I kind of want to kill myself."

But Mayor Reed says Atlanta is still going to send the city's remaining teams to Winnipeg.

"One-way bus fare," he said. "What are the going to do? Pay to send them back? And all of that equipment? Basketballs and various sticks and whatever else people use to play sports? I doubt that."

Thrashers defenseman Dustin Byfuglien has already told other Atlanta athletes that they should come to Winnipeg, if possible.

"There were, like, nine people at the airport who recognized me," said Byfuglien. "I told Joe Johnson and it blew his mind. He's only been spotted once in Atlanta and it turns out the guy thought he was Michael Vick."