8 Michael Jordan Career Moments (As Currently Remembered by Fans and the Media)


#1 – 1993 NBA Finals

What Happened: In Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals, with the Bulls leading the series 3-2, Chicago gets the ball trailing 98-96 with 14.4 seconds left. Jordan brings the ball up the court, but is stopped by Kevin Johnson and forced to pass. The Bulls eventually swing the ball around to John Paxson, who hits a game-winning 3-pointer with 3.9 seconds left.

How It's Remembered: In Game 7 of the 1993 NBA Finals, as the final seconds tick away, Michael Jordan leaps off of John Paxson's back beyond the 3-point line, soars over the entire Suns team, and completes a 360-dunk as the final horn sounds to win the championship. He then high-fives Mars Blackmon at mid-court.

#2 – The Flu Game

What Happened: Fighting a stomach illness during Game 5 of the 1997 Finals in Utah, Jordan scores 38 points to lead the Bulls to a 3-2 series lead over the Jazz.

How It's Remembered: Despite a fever of 125 degrees, Jordan posts a quadruple-double against the Jazz, going for double figures in points, rebounds, assists, and number of times he actually died during the game.

#3 – Switch-Hands Shot vs. Lakers

What Happened: Trailing 1-0 in the series to the Los Angeles Lakers, Michael Jordan pulls off a spectacular drive down the lane in which he goes up to dunk with his right hand and then switches the ball to his left to avoid a block attempt by Sam Perkins. The Bulls go on to win the game and the next three games to win the championship.

How It's Remembered: Bored by dominating the Lakers with just one hand, Michael Jordan drives the lane, jumps to dunk and then switches the ball into his left hand so he can use his right to cure Magic Johnson's HIV.

#4 – 1982 NCAA Championship Game

What Happened: With time ticking away in one-point game between North Carolina and Georgetown, Jordan — then a Tar Heel freshman — hits the game-winning shot to earn Dean Smith his first national championship.

How It's Remembered: After not being allowed to shoot one time all season, Jordan steals the ball from Dean Smith during the team's final timeout, dribbles down the court and hits the winning shot to prove to the dumb, old coach that he had been under-utilizing the greatest player in basketball history.

#5 – 1986 NBA Playoffs

What Happened: In Game 2 of Chicago's 1st Round series against the Celtics, Jordan scores 63 points in Boston. However, the Celtics win in overtime and the Bulls get swept.

How It's Remembered: You're a goddam liar! Michael Jordan never lost a playoff series, and he especially never got swept! HE WOULDN'T ALLOW IT!

#6 – 1998 NBA Finals

What Happened: In the waning seconds of Game 6, Michael Jordan drives on Utah's Byron Russell, pushes off to create space, and then pulls up for a game-winning 20-footer to win his sixth NBA title.

How It's Remembered: Some stupid scrub on the Jazz tries to ruin the final great moment of Michael Jordan's basketball career, so M.J. rightfully threw him to the ground.

#7 – Minor League Baseball Career

What Happened: Despite not playing baseball in 19 years, Jordan hits 3 home runs, drives in 51 runs and steals 30 bases in the competitive Double-A Southern League.

How It's Remembered: Michael Jordan strikes out 459 times and often wears his glove on the wrong hand in the field.

#8 — Washington Wizards Tenure

What Really Happened: Let's not talk about it. Too depressing.

How It's Remembered: Drop it, okay? Enough. Let's all agree that this never happened.