11 Ways the Original "Teen Wolf" Would be Different if Scott Howard Played Lacrosse


In the 1985 movie "Teen Wolf", Scott Howard played basketball as the Teen Wolf. In the new MTV series, Scott Howard plays lacrosse. Here are 11 ways the movie would be different if Scott played lacrosse.

1. Although they would still be on different high school teams — the Beavers and the Dragons — Scott Howard and Mick McAllister would actually be best friends, having grown up together at the local country club.

2. Scott Howard's dad would still be in hardware. However, he would be an executive at a national hardware chain and his whole job would entail finding small towns with weak, mom-and-pop stores as locations for new franchises. Mr. Howard would be able to pay for Scott's entire private school education with one bonus, which he earns every time he is able to run a local hardware store out of business.

3. Instead of trying to purchase beer at Tony's Liquor, Stiles would just ask his mom to buy him a case of Smirnoff Ice.

4. Pamela Wells would be Scott's steady girlfriend. They would both make fun of Boof in class because her parents can't afford a beach home.

5. Scott would make unwelcome advances on Boof in a closet at a party. His father would pay off the local authorities to squash the resulting charges.

6. After turning into a werewolf, Scott would conceal his appearance by popping his collar and combing his werewolf hair across his face in a Justin Bieber-style hairdo.

7. Instead of thinking of quitting the team for the school play, Scott would consider quitting the team to audition for a reality show about rich kids with huge inheritances.

8. Chubby wouldn't be a character in the movie. Fat people would not be admitted to Scott's school. Same with most minorities.

9. At the school dance, Scott would lead all of his peers in the Dougie.

10. After scoring the winning goal in the championship game, Scott would give Pamela and Boof some Rohypnol and then invite his teammates and Mick to have sex with them.

11. "Teen Wolf Too" would actually be the better movie.