10 Events That Led the Dodgers to Bankruptcy

*1. In 2004 Major League Baseball approves the sale of the Dodgers to Frank McCourt*, unaware that it was not Frank McCourt the wealthy author of "Angela's Ashes", but Frank McCourt, a manager of a local Wendy's who made $32,000 a year and was in a bad marriage.

2. Ethel Delvecchio, the Dodgers' Brooklyn born-and-raised aunt who stayed in the borough when the team moved in 1958, passed away in 2006 and unexpectedly left no inheritance. In fact, due to unscrupulous telemarketers who prey on the elderly, Aunt Ethel left a substantial credit card debt.

3. At the beginning of the 2009 season the Dodgers signed Manny Ramirez to a 2-year, $45 million contract. The deal also caused the team's health insurance costs to skyrocket, as they now had to cover Ramirez's expensive OB/GYN and prenatal care.

4. On September 14, 2007, the Dodgers hold Fan Appreciation Via Bags Stuffed Full of Cash Night. Due to better than projected attendance, the Dodgers give away $14.3 million in the promotion and fire their marketing director.

5. In February of 2011, the Dodgers sign James Loney to a one-year, $4.875 million deal. So that's $4.875 million completely wasted.

6. In 2008, the Dodgers are forced to pay an $85 million judgment in a lawsuit over putting actual dog meat in Dodger Dogs. Customers were horrified to learn they had been eating dog flesh and not ground up pig hoof and anus meat.

7. In October 2010, McCourt makes the strategic decision to go broke in hopes it would cause the Dodgers' hated rival, the San Francisco Giants, to try to beat L.A. at losing money. Instead, the Giants win the World Series.

8. Hoping to get the players on her side during the couple's divorce, Jamie McCourt spends millions of team money buying the players video games, taking them to Disneyland, and getting them ice cream and pizza whenever they want.

9. In a last ditch effort to stay afloat in April 2011, Frank McCourt accuses Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant of raping him and offers to settle out of court. The case is thrown out and McCourt gets no money, although Vanessa Bryant still forces Kobe to buy her a $7 million ring.

10. Needing to come up with $135 million to avoid bankruptcy in June 2011, the Dodgers fall $134,999,014 short when the team bake sale nets only $986.