The Game: Issue #9

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I was at an Arizona State University baseball games a couple weeks ago with my friend. Apparently it was Sorority night because it was packed with a bunch of Sorority girls. To our delight, they all decided to sit right behind my friend and I. About 2 innings into the game, we heard one of the girls behind us shout "Go baseball!"

My friend and I got up and found different seats.

– Nick

Last year I was attending a Red vs Marlins game in Florida and was sitting in right field. There was a fan that was heckling the Reds right fielder Jay Bruce all game by using Wikipedia and other sources to find out his high school and family names, etc.

Well, it was all fun and good until all of a sudden the fan yells: "Hey Jay Bruce your the worst LEFT FIELDER in baseball!" Without skipping a beat, Jay turns around asks who was yelling. The inning ends and he goes back to the dugout. As the Reds are coming back out onto the field, Bruce has something in his hand but I cannot figure out what it is.

Jay jogs over the the right field wall and hands the fan in the front row some kind of paper to pass back to the fan. I eventually get to see what it is and I start to laugh my ass off.

It was a piece of paper that was about two paragraphs long that address what every position was. An example was: "The guy throwing the ball is the pitcher." And at the end in all CAPS it says: "NICE TRY BUT I PLAY RF BUT IT'S OK MY 3 YEAR OLD NIECE HAD TROUBLE WITH THAT TOO."

The fan did not talk the rest of the game. Best sports memory of my life.

– Clayton

I went to a Oilers vs. Flames hockey game a couple years ago with some friends on a party bus. My buddy is a Canucks fan so he wore his Canucks jersey to the game and was getting heckled here and there for wearing it. During an intermission while waiting in line for an $8 beer, he says to me: "One more comment about my jersey and someone is getting bloody." He smiled and laughed jokingly as he's not really a tough guy.

One minute later some guy in another line starts trash talking and suddenly rushes over to us to continue his rant. Just as the guy gets close, out of nowhere my buddy leans out with the most awesome head-butt I have ever seen, exploding the trash talker's nose and sending him to the ground in a heap.

My buddy obviously got booted from the stadium and it turned out the trash talker's seats were just ahead of ours so we heckled him for the rest of the night.

– Rob

While in college, we road-tripped it to University of Oregon for a football game, and thought it'd be a good experience for Shinya, a Japanese exchange student living with us. It was cold and rainy (shocker), and the Ducks were killing the opponent. Each time the other team would set up to punt the ball away, Mr. Street and Smiths College Football next to us would yell: "Watch the fake!"

After about the third time, Shinya took to mocking him, and would yell: "Watch the fake!" at several (non-kicking) situations throughout the game. Twenty years later, it's still a catchphrase we take to any sporting event when friends get together.

– Mitch

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