The Game: Issue #8

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Several years back I was at a Cubs game in the right field bleachers and Adam Dunn was playing RF for the Reds. In the midst of all the heckling going on a fan yells: "Hey Dunn, F—K YOU!" A lady with a small child yells at the fan: "Hey, buddy, show some respect. There are kids out here." The guy, without missing a beat, yells back: "I'm sorry … 'Hey MR. Dunn, F—K YOU!'"

– Rob

I was at the Yankees-Tigers game in Detroit and in front of me and my friends were a large group of guys and under-aged girls all getting drunk. The drunk guys behind them started yelling about Derek Jeter. One from the first group then stood up and started shouting back.

It quickly evolved into "I'll kick your ass!" "No, I'll kick YOUR ass!" They all ended up getting thrown out just before they started throwing punches.

What were they fighting about? What side of the state Jeter was from.

I was embarrassed to be near them.

– Tim

I attended a Rochester Red Wings baseball game about two years ago around this time. The Rochester Red Wings are the Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. Well, seeing how there was not many people at a minor league game (about 7,000), a guy two rows behind me started to have some fun. After the fourth inning he started yelling "Butt scratcher! Get your butt scratcher here!"

My initial thought was that it was funny. Then it started to get a little creepy as he walked down each aisle and row asking if he could "Scratch your butt" for you. Still hilarious, though.

– William

At the Hornets/Lakers playoff game in New Orleans two weeks ago. Great seats — lower bowl. This girl is wearing a Hornets shirt and an Alabama hat. For three quarters this idiot fan has his back turned to the game and is blabbering how LSU is God's gift to football and how much Bama sucks.

Finally she speaks up with her innocent Alabama accent and tells the guy: "Hey, dumbass, we're at a Hornets game and you're talking LSU football. You people are the reason this city has no business having a team."

The look on his face was priceless.

– Ryan

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