The Game: Issue #7

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I attend the University of Illinois, and a couple of years ago when Jeffrey Jordan (Michael Jordan's son) still played for the Illini, the players were having a dunk contest during Midnight Madness. Jeffrey at 6-foot-1 was participating, and throwing down monstrous dunks.

On one in particular, he must have been 40-inches off the ground and threw down a full windmill. As the crowd goes wild, the guy in front of me calmly leans over to his friend and says: "I bet he gets that from his Mom's side of the family."

I was laughing for the rest of Midnight Madness.

– John

I was at a Minnesota Vikings game when I was 7 or 8, and I was at the souvenir stand alone without my parents, and this obviously drunken, redneck, middle-aged man points out a cheerleader calendar to me, saying: "I bet you're getting that for later, aren't ya?"

I then bought a hat. He then shut up, and later, I saw two security guards escorting him out of the stadium. Karma's a bitch, you perv.

– Peter

Last season at an average Brewers-Pirates blowout at PNC Park, the stadium was looking and sounding more empty and depressing than usual. The left-field general admission got it's biggest pop of the night when a lone voice echoed through the stadium in the direction of Brewers right-fielder Ryan Braun: "Hey, Braun! Why is there a glitch in your batting stance when I play MLB: 10 The Show?!"

Braun, obviously befuddled by the remark, turned and looked, either amused or disturbed by what appeared to be an attempted heckle.

– Will

I was at Sunday night's Phillies-Mets game. The Phillies lost, but it was easily the best sporting event I have ever been apart of because the crowd started chanting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" when the news of Bin Laden being killed circulated.

But before the chants started, the news was getting around from people getting texts or calls and telling people near them. I heard a kid behind me say: "Who is Bin Laden?" No biggie. He was maybe 12. 9-11 happened when he was a baby. But his dad responded: "I'm not sure." Idiot.

– Matt

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