The Game: Issue #10

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I was at a Yankees game where CC Sabathia was pitching. He wasn't pitching well and so my friend and I were heckling him. Moments after I yelled 'YOU SUCK, CC!!", the hot girl in front of me turned around and asked: "Who's CC?" I told her he was the pitcher.

She turned back around and I read the back of her Jersey: "SABATHIA 52."

– Matthew

Last season me and a few buddies were at the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs game in St. Louis. A couple from Chicago were sitting next to us. The girl was a typical hot blonde, fun to look at but extremely dumb.

The Cardinals have the Gateway Arch cut into the centerfield grass. While watching the game she loudly says: "Awww … that's awesome they have a rainbow in their field!" Everyone around just sat there staring at her without saying a word.

– Nathan

When my boyfriend swam in high school, he qualified for the state meet every year. His parents and brother went every year, but when he was a senior, his aunt and uncle came to the meet as well. At regular high school meets, there are usually only 3-4 officials on deck, but at states, there are usually around 20 on deck. Swimming officials always wear white shirts and white pants. My boyfriend's parents knew to expect all of the officials, but my boyfriend's aunt turned to his mom and said: "Why are there so many nurses?"

– Sara

I went to the Vancouver Olympics last year and was able to get tickets for one of the early U.S. hockey games. I sat down beside this one guy, a fellow American, and we had a little bit of small talk before the game. He was from Oregon and a high school English teacher.

Right before the puck dropped, the crowd starts up with the "U-S-A! U-S-A!" chant. I quickly realize that the guy beside me is chanting "U-S-of-A! U-S-of-A!" — I guess because he thought that was more grammatically correct or something? I don't know. But it was so annoying, especially as the game went on, that I almost wanted the U.S. to lose so the guy would shut up.

– James

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