New "Sport Faith" Series to Focus on How God Helps Athletes Run and Jump

Thanks to the success of the Emmy Award-winning "Sport Science" show, which uses science and cutting-edge technology to explore the on-field feats of elite athletes, a group of religious leaders are planning their own educational series about God's role in sports.

"You watch that show and you hear all about momentum and torque and velocity and fancy science words like that," said evangelical leader Dr. James Dobson. "But, first of all, even if those things do exist, they were invented by our Creator. And, second, there is a place and a need for what science can't answer about sports. Like how good and evil and the inspired Word of God impacts, say, Lebron James dunking. When he dunks, it is only by the grace of God. There is no denying that."

"Sport Faith," which will initially run during telecasts of televangelist Pat Robertson's "700 Club," will focus in its debut episode on Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, who is baseball's active leader in saves.

"Mariano chose not to participate, so we mainly just talk about how he is fine if you want saves on Earth," said Dobson. "But if you truly want to be saved, no pitcher can help you. Jesus Christ is the greatest closer of all-time."

The second episode will focus on hockey.

"While science does have one thing right: water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius," said Dobson, "all that does is show how powerless man is. Man can only walk — or skate — on frozen water. Jesus doesn't need the aid of refrigeration or skate blades. He would have dominated the NHL."

While "Sport Faith" has yet to shoot beyond two episodes, producers plan an episode crediting Tim Tebow's Heisman season to prayer — "as long as the rapture doesn't happen by the third episode, of course," says Dobson.