New German AND1 Player Has Sick Fundamentals

The AND1 Live Tour announced today that it is debuting a new player — Deidrich Himmelreich from Germany, who they say brings a new element to their roster of players.

"He can hit free throw after free throw after free throw," said AND1 president Sean Banks. "The soundness of his fundamentals will blow your damn mind!"

Himmelreich says he modeled his game after that of German NBA star Dirk Nowitzki. AND1 hopes to stay ahead of the trends by bringing some of that trademark Nowitzki style to the Live Tour.

"Step-back jumpers, textbook shooting form, weakside help defense, boxing out," said Banks. "IT'S GONNA BE ALL UP IN YOUR FACE!"

AND1 also plans to supplement its usual in-game, hip hop soundtrack with selections of traditional German folk music.

"I think AND1 fans will really enjoy 'Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen' if they just give it a chance," said Banks. "It's got a flute and shit."

Himmelreich says he hopes to do his best on the AND1 Tour, but hopes it will serve as a stepping stone to the NBA.

"I fear that playing here could ultimately hurt my game," he said. "Yesterday at practice we spent two hours practicing 360 alley-oops. I suggested we have the scout team run some of the plays our next opponent runs and someone shot at me. Then the coach punished me by making me work on my mid-range jumper for 20 minutes. Which, granted, really wasn't a punishment for me. I kind of liked it. A good mid-range game is integral to winning."

Unlike fellow AND1 teammates like Hot Sauce, Spyda or Werm, Himmelreich hasn't yet been given his official AND1 nickname. But he says he is fine with that.

"I think Deidrich Himmelreich is a nice name," he said. "Or just Deidrich. Being on a first name basis is very friendly."