Flyers to Reconsider Strategy of Pulling Goalie for Final 59 Minutes of Playoff Games

"It may be time for us to reconsider our goalie philosophy," says Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren.

Holmgren's admission comes after yet another Philadelphia postseason has been done in by cheap goals from the opponent, a Flyers tradition dating back decades.

"We have long believed that the most aggressive team will win in the playoffs," said Holmgren. "That's why we always pull the goalie for the final 59 or so minutes of play. And while our players have performed well under that pressure, the better teams are able to capitalize on the open net."

Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette says he is open to the idea.

"Our guys work hard to prevent shots or block them," he said. "I'm sure it would really give them a boost if every shot the other team gets off doesn't always find its way into the back of the net."

Flyers goalie Brian Boucher says he would be willing to be in net for all 60 minutes. But Holmgren says that is unlikely.

"If … and this is a big if … if we decide to stop pulling our goalie for most the game, we will probably try to get a goalie who is, you know, actually good," he said. "I mean, why play a goalie who isn't on par with those on other top teams? That just sets you up for failure. So we wouldn't be needing Brian's services."