First Baseman Breaks His Leg Trying to Block First Base

The Giants lost first baseman Aubrey Huff for the season last night with a broken leg when he tried to block first base on a single by Florida's Logan Morrison.

"We were losing by a run. It was a crucial point in the game. I wasn't going to let him get on base easy," said Huff. "Unfortunately, my leg bent over as I was blocking the bag and snapped."

Huff is the second Giants starter to go down for the season to injury due to playing aggressive defense. Catcher Buster Posey fractured his leg and strained ankle ligaments blocking the plate on Wednesday night.

"I felt it was a clean play," said Morrison. "I was jogging down the line after my hit fell in and all of a sudden I see Huff standing there. I stopped and said: 'What are you doing? Move!' And he was like: 'No. I'm blocking the bag.' And I said: 'You can't do that.' And he said: 'I'm doing it.' So I just took a few steps back, ran full speed, lowered my shoulder and took him out."

Giants manager Bruce Bochy also agreed the play wasn't dirty, but said that baseball needs to adopt rules protecting fielders. When told there is already a rule prohibiting fielders from blocking bases, Bochy said: "Oh. I need to remember to tell my guys about that."

And while Bochy and Posey's agent have pushed baseball to adopt rules protecting the catcher at home plate, some in the MLB front office feel the injury hit upon a great marketing opportunity.

"These collisions are awesome," said one source in the MLB marketing department. "Just think how many fans we could attract if guys were blocking home plate and all three bags on every play. Especially with the football lockout, for once fans would flock to baseball for excitement and violence and hard hits. It would be awesome. The only downside is that most baseball players are huge pussies."