Creepy Sedin Twins Wear Matching Outfits Again at Hockey Game

Daniel and Henrik Sedin are the top scorers and team leaders on the Vancouver Canucks. Yet those inside and outside the organization say they are getting increasingly creeped out by the twins.

"I will admit that, like most people, identical twins kind of weird me out," said Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault. "It's not natural. But at least I can handle being around the kind of twins who don't try to be exactly the same in every way. Unfortunately, the Sedins are not those kind of twins."

Daniel and Henrik are known to dress in the same blue, white and green hockey uniform. They have similar hairstyles and facial hair. They hang out together. They are both heterosexual. And, perhaps weirdest of all, the twins have their own special language, which they call "Swedish."

"It's incredibly creepy," said Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo. "Most guys in this locker room, you yell out their name and they turn around. But with them? If you yell out 'Sedin!' they both turn around. Weirdos. I'm glad I'm a goalie and they're forwards so I don't have to interact with them too much."

The human abominations say they don't mean to cause anyone discomfort.

"We were just born this way," said Henrik Sedin. "We're twins. There's nothing we can do about it."

"Yeah, and as for what you call matching outfits? It's the team uniform," said Daniel Sedin, essentially finishing his brother's thought, which is off-the-charts weird.

The Canucks say their biggest problem might be that the twins are very good at hockey.

"Unfortunately, we need the freaks in order to win the Stanley Cup," said Vigneault. "But if we do win the Cup, we'll probably donate them to science so people can do painful experiments on them."