Agoraphobic Father to Take Son to Every Ballpark in America on Wikipedia

"Looks like home run weather," said Ron Wilson, 45, peeking through a single slat in the blinds.

It was the twentieth day of a ten week journey for Wilson and his eleven-year-old son, Daniel, as they planned to visit every ballpark in America on Wikipedia.

"Kids grow up fast, and with Danny in the house for only 17 hours a day, I really wanted to do something special with him before he got too old," mused Wilson, whose agoraphobia keeps him permanently confined at home.

The tour began in Florida, where the Wilsons call home, with a visit to Sun Life Stadium, notable for its fascinating field dimensions and its low construction cost of $115 million. The pair then visited Tropicana Field, home to the Tampa Bay Rays, Daniel's favorite team.

"Tropicana was real special for Danny because I edited the page so it read 'The Rays Welcome Danny Wilson,' which didn't get removed for at least half an hour."

Next they tried to fit both New York stadiums in on the same day, but after accidentally leaving both Wikipedia pages open in separate tabs, Wilson got anxious and needed to spend time in his recombobulation room.

On the day of this interview, the boys were off to Dodger Stadium for an afternoon game against the Padres.

"S-s-see, Dodger Stadium has the largest capacity of any in the majors and—Peanuts! Get your peanuts!—and could you gimme a minute, I missed him the first two times he came up our aisle," explained Wilson before shutting down his laptop and disappearing into the kitchen to grab a jar of salt-free peanuts.

Daniel, who leaves for school every morning through the dog door to keep radiation from entering the house, thinks visiting ballparks on Wikipedia has been really special, even though he would secretly like to one day experience the large crowds and wide open spaces in person.

"Dad didn't have many of these opportunities growing up, since the Internet wasn't invented and all, so I know I'm lucky for the chance to look at full resolution pictures of these places."

Ron added: "I do what I can for him."

Later this month will mark the fifth anniversary of the last time Wilson went outside, a day when he saw an elderly woman spontaneously combust shortly after two men kissed nearby. He'll commemorate the occasion with a visit to Wrigley Field, as recommended by his therapist via Skype.

"It won't be easy, but as a father and a man, facing the world' gayest stadium is the least I can do," reflected Wilson while wrapping his torso in a fresh layer of saran wrap.

"Yep. Nothing like a day in the ballpark."