The Game: Issue #6

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So my girlfriend and I travel to a Redskins/Rams game in St. Louis last year. I'm a huge Redskins fan and we got seats right behind the Redskins bench and there was a pretty big concentration of Redskins fans in this section.

Right before the game starts an older couple in Rams gear sits a couple rows in front of us and is obviously already pretty drunk. In the first quarter Santana Moss catches a pass and after the play the old man stands up and yells "SANTANA MOSS…..ISN'T HE THE RAPIST?!?!" then sat back down.

A few plays later McNabb throws an incomplete pass towards Moss and the guy stands up again and yells "HE WOULD'VE CAUGHT THAT PASS IF HE WASN'T RAPING ALL THE TIME!!" To this day I still don't know if he was convinced that he was a rapist or if that was just his form of trash talk.

– Randon

I spent my four years of college at the University of Nebraska, where the students' section is most of the the south end of the stadium. There is no reserved seating there, so where my buddies and my seats changed every game depending on what was open when we got in.

Freshman year, no matter when we got there, or where we sat, within 3 rows of us was the same chubby guy in his mid-40's rockin' a mullet (think Eastbound & Down) who after the National Anthem found the closest guy to him, yelled "Lets do this shit, Home-Skillet!" and raised his hand for a high-five.

– Corey

I go to the Naval Academy and had to attend a women's basketball game. The announcer congratulated one of the players for having over a thousand points. One of my friends asked if the girl got the thousand points during this season. At the time they had only played 16 games.

– DJ

During the third inning at the Mets/Nats game I went to tonight [Saturday, April 9th] at Citi Field, a group of heavily intoxicated and very loud men sat down behind us.

One of them was specifically loud, and his first line upon sitting down in his seat while Jayson Werth was at bat was: "This guy is more of a f—king c-nt than my grandmother, that f—king c-nt. He loves dick more than my mother loves Jesus."

The loud man also had a particular hatred towards a group of young, 8 to 10 year-old, girls that were sitting in the same section as him who would all simultaneously scream "Let's go Mets!" or "David Wright!" Upon the group yelling, the man said: "That sounded like a f—king Chinese birthday party, and I f—king hate Asian people." He went on and explained how he hated all Asians – with the exception of underage Thai hookers.

When Mr. Met did not shoot the man a T-shirt with the T-shirt cannon, he insisted that his grandfather could "Blow a better load at midnight" than Mr. Met could with the cannon — and also added that Mr. Met spent his free time snorting cocaine and having sex with Thai hookers. Upon not receiving any T-shirts from the T-shirt cannon, the man became infuriated at Mr. Met and the Mets organization, but came to his senses and said "You know, I'm not going to hate the Mets because of that f—kbag Mr. Met, that's like hating Thai hookers because you hate Thai products". Classy ass dude.

Also, the whole game the man thought that the Mets were playing the Red Sox.

– Peter

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