Outstanding UConn-Butler Final Sets Title Game Record for Rebounds

The UConn-Butler NCAA Championship Game was so exciting and well-played it even has some history to show for it: most rebounds in a title game with 91.

"Wow. I knew something unusual was happening out there on the court," said Butler head coach Brad Stevens, "and now this record proves it. We are very disappointed to lose, but at least we were part of history. I guess."

Despite the loss, Stevens' Butler squad led the way in creating rebound opportunities by missing 52 field goals and six free throws.

"They really dominated us on the missed shots," said UConn head coach Jim Calhoun. "It wasn't even close. But we managed to beat them in almost every other statistical category and it showed up on the scoreboard."

While UConn's players got to cut down the nets as NCAA champions, Butler will also receive a memento from the game: the rims and backboards.

"They were damaged beyond repair from all of the bricks they threw up, so we can't use them anyway," said Reliant Stadium court manager Jeff Tidway. "So Butler is getting the rims — most of the paint is chipped off — and also the backboards, which have a number of hairline fractures."

UConn's Kemba Walker says the biggest history for him in the game will be winning the championship.

"I guess it was a great game for fans who love rebounding and stifling defense, but I don't really care about the aesthetics," he said. "I just wanted to win. But as the game went on, I got the sense Butler wanted to set the rebounds mark. They seemed to be going out of their way to miss shots."