OKC Thunder Desperate to Win Now Before Their 10-to-12 Year Window Closes

The Thunder have won their first playoff series since team came to Oklahoma City, but they say they're not content.

"I'm 22 years-old now," said star forward Kevin Durant. "I might only be back in the playoffs 13 or 14 more times. We definitely feel the pressure to win it all."

While Durant and star point guard Russell Westbrook are 22, and starting power forward Serge Ibaka is just 21, many of their teammates are much older. Starting center Kendrick Perkins is 26. Starting shooting guard Thabo Sefolosha is also 26. Sixth man James Harden is also … well, he's just 21. But he looks much older.

"Kevin and Russell and some of those other guys are fairly young, but I'll be 30 in four years," said Sefolosha. "I may only have 10 years left in the league. And I could have less on this team, as it's likely they'll soon replace me with someone who is much better than me and 14. So I want to win now."

Perkins, who won a championship already in Boston, is looked to on the team as the wily veteran.

"They call me 'Old Man' and laugh at my dated references," says Perkins, who was born in 1984. "I made a joke the other day about the 2008 presidential election and they were like: 'That was way before our time, Old Man. Next you'll be talking about way back when then iPhone first came out or something.'"

While the Thunder are seen as a real threat in the 2nd Round and beyond, their opponent will likely be able to steal a win when most of the team misses a game to take their girlfriends to prom.