Game 6 Played in Distinct Game 5 Atmosphere

"You could feel it in the building the minute you walked in," said one reporter who covered Game 6 of the Canadiens-Bruins series. "Game 5 atmosphere. Unmistakable Game 5 atmosphere."

The Canadiens won Game 6 to tie the series, but even the players in the arena say they noticed a distinct Game 5 atmosphere.

"We were talking about it on the bench throughout the whole game," said Montreal wing Mike Cammalleri. "It felt very Game 5-y. A few guys felt it had a Game 4 atmosphere at the beginning and one of my teammates, who shall remain nameless, said it felt like a Game 8. But he was hungover. Eventually we all agreed that it was a Game 5 atmosphere."

Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara agreed.

"You can recognize a Game 6 atmosphere right away, what with all of its Game 6-like attributes," he said. "And this game didn't have it. It had more intensity than a Game 4, but for some reason the atmospheric conditions were not up to a Game 6 level and definitely not a Game 7 level."

Canadiens goalie Carey Price said the atmosphere was the most confusing he has been a part of since playing in a preseason game last year that had Game 2 atmosphere.

And Bruins center David Krejci said the atmosphere also felt humid.

"I guess because it's getting warmer outside," he said. "Wait, is that not the kind of atmosphere we're talking about? Sometimes I think the whole 'atmosphere' thing is just a bunch of people talking out of their ass. It's bullshit atmosphere."