Clever Patriots to Stockpile 32 Picks in the 7th Round

The New England Patriots are prepared to masterfully out-think all of the other teams in the NFL by trading down in the draft again, allowing them to stockpile value picks to further enrich their unmatched NFL dynasty.

The Patriots have three picks in the first 33 slots of this year's draft, but it is not expected they will stand pat there.

"This has been our strategy for the past few years," said head coach Bill Belichick. "We don't see the value in getting a few players with elite talent. Instead, we build depth that delivers outstanding regular season after outstanding regular season."

And New England front office staffers say all the work in recent drafts has set the stage for what they believe will be the master stroke in this year's draft: compiling almost every pick in the 7th, and final, round.

"There's not a lot of difference makers in the 7th Round, but we will have a monopoly on the scrappiest, hardest working, scrappy, scrappers available. And that's Patriots football," said team owner Robert Kraft. "Let the stars go to the other teams. We'll take gutting out a crucial 3rd-and-8 in October, thanks."

Kraft also believes stockpiling a ton of late picks could even give the Patriots an actual star. Franchise quarterback Tom Brady was taken in the 6th Round of the 2000 Draft.

"We don't want too many stars, of course," said Kraft. "They can be selfish and clash with Bill. But two or three is okay. And I am completely confident that Belichick can coach anyone with marginal athletic ability to greatness. It's our whole franchise philosophy. I mean, look at what he did with Tom Brady. And also with … well, I guess just Tom Brady."

The Patriots say they are petitioning the NFL to add additional rounds to future drafts so they can get more worse picks.