Blake Gavern or Biff Griffith or Someone Shooting Up NFL Draft Boards

The Carolina Panthers say they are prepared to take the player that has emerged as the hot prospect in the NFL Draft as soon as they find out exactly who he is and why they never heard of him until about a week or two ago.

"We have a meeting scheduled with … Bob Glauber, is it?" said Panthers GM Marty Hurney. "That sounds familiar. Wait … no. Isn't Bob Glauber a sportswriter or something? I have no idea. Either way, a supposedly very talented player is coming to see us. I guess we'll find out exactly who he is whenever he arrives."

The player, possibly pictured at right, has emerged as the top prospect in the draft in recent weeks following a low-profile collegiate career that probably happened in the Midwest or at some fairly obscure school. Who knows, he could have even played Division II or Division III.

If the Panthers decide to pass on Bob Glauber at No. 1, the Bills will likely take Gabby Blainbridge with the third pick.

"We like what we know about Gabby Blainbridge," said Bills GM Buddy Nix. "Which, admittedly, isn't much. We've been drawn in a bit by the recent hype as much as any other team. He's the guy with the long hair, right? He played at Missoula or something? Is that a school? Who knows. But whoever he is, he'd almost definitely be an improvement over what we have."

And if the hot prospect is passed over at No. 3, he'll almost definitely be taken by the quarterback-needy Arizona Cardinals.

"We need a quarterback, and if Blair Gobbler is there at No. 5, we're going to make him our pick and sell a lot of Gobbler jerseys around this state," said Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Most NFL draft analysts expect NBA star Blake Griffin to be accidentally taken before the first round is over.