Vin Scully Finally Comes Up With a Signature Catchphrase

Los Angeles Dodgers play-by-play man Vin Scully, entering his 62nd season behind the mic, says he has finally developed a catchphrase he hopes will make him famous.

"I may be old," said the 83 year-old Scully, "but I'm not stupid. I know that the only way to have any relevance in this business and to make an impact is to come up with a good catchphrase. Unfortunately, that kind of thing has never been a strong point for me."

But starting this season, Scully says he will yell "BIG BITCH BABY!" after every Dodgers home run.

"I think it's something you'll hear kids saying and that you'll see on t-shirts," said Scully. "I'm mainly going to use it on home run calls. So as the ball clears the fence, I'll yell 'Back, way back … and it's a BIGBITCHBAAAABBBBYYYYYY!' But it can also work on close plays at the plate, like if there's a collision or something: 'And BOOM! BIG BITCH BABY!' I'm pretty much going to work it in as much as possible so it becomes popular."

Scully admits that "Big bitch baby" doesn't really mean anything and has absolutely nothing to do with baseball — but that's exactly why he chose it.

"My weakness as a broadcaster has always been that I respect the game, tell a story, and don't make myself a focal point," said Scully. "None of that lends itself well to catchphrases. So I finally realized that to come up with a good catchphrase, I had to essentially think like an egotistical buffoon. And then 'Big Bitch Baby' came to me."

The Hall of Fame broadcaster says he wishes he would have thought of a catchphrase years ago.

"I may be loved and respected by people who love and respect baseball," says Scully, "but what percentage are they of the total population? I blew my chance to be a true star, to appear in soda commercials and on sitcoms and in bad sports movies. It's a BIG BITCH BABY of a regret! BIG BITCH BABY!"